What I did:
Strategy & Naming
Custom typeface
Brand Identity
Project info:
Client Brief / School Project
Sep 2023

Unlock power grid flexibility.

Challenge / Brief

Create a brand identity for the tech start up “DTR1” (Dynamic Transformer Rating).


In a world where climate action and electrification is driving rapid growth in energy sources, the need for adaptability has never been more vital. The electricity crisis grid owners face is a complex challenge with grid bottlenecks causing disruptions and uncertainty in power supply.  DTR1 eliminate grid bottlenecks swiftly and efficiently, and allow more capacity, ensuring a steady and reliable power supply. This newfound flexibility is the key element to a more efficient, responsive and resilient power grid.


Create an identity which repositions the brand from being perceived as a rigid SaaS-start up to become a leading dynamic power grid partner.

The custom-made typeface was created based on the the idea of ​​shifting up and shifting down, symbolizing flexibility and mirroring DTR1's adaptable service. This unique and powerful typeface became the foundation of the brand identity. Every aspect of the design concept, from the logo to the shapes used as background and design elements, drew inspiration from the typeface.