Delad sol. Evig energi.

My work:
Brand Identity


Client Brief / School Project
May 2024
Project info:

In a world marked by conflicts, climate crisis, and economic uncertainty, collaboration and community are key to change. Everenergy stands for long-term renewable energy and can contribute to increased security. Everenergy's new graphic identity and the concept "Shared Sun. Eternal Energy." are built on creating security for the future. Together. This is the first step for Everenergy to establish itself as a reliable and obvious player in the solar subscription market.

Design Concept:

The sun is the foundation of all life on Earth. Just as plants use photosynthesis to grow, solar cells convert sunlight into electricity that provides life and energy to communities. Just as silicon is a crucial component in the function of solar cells, it is an important binding agent in the body to keep each cell intact.

Solar cells are the mitochondria of the building. Each solar cell represents not just a source of energy but also a unit of connection and community. Like cells in a symbiotic system, together we form a network of power and strength that drives us towards a more sustainable and cohesive future.