The Unknown Magazine

What I did:
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Project info:
School Project
May 2023

The universe is full of mysteries, and it's up to us to unravel them.

Challenge / Brief

What do we think we know? What we absorb from an early age becomes our truths, but does that mean they are true? Up until the late 1920s, science believed there was only one galaxy in the universe, the Milky Way. Today it’s believed there are two trillion galaxies.

The line between what is considered completely crazy and what is mainstream is constantly shifting. We realize how little we actually know and we need to be immensely humble in acknowledging that what we actually believe may change. So what truths do we hold today that will be proven wrong in a few years?

The universe is filled with mysteries. The Unknown magazine explores some of the unknowns with an open mindset in the search for a tomorrows discoveries.