Way To Go

Order all your favorites at the same time.

My work:
User Testing
App Design
Design System


Client Work
Jul 2021
Project info:

Over the last few years, Way To Go has built its reputation as one of the few ethical and transparent food deliveries brand on the Swedish market. Way To Go also challenges the tough food delivery market by offering a completely new and unique service: Delivery of both groceries and restaurant food from local restaurants – In the same order. For their new position, Way To Go wanted to develop an app and I was assigned as a UX/UI designer.

Insight: Users usually have a clear goal before entering the service with what they want, that makes the search-function extra important. Many users are also usually hungry, busy or tired and want instant gratification. The use of "Favorites" provide an opportunity to save and quickly and easily find and order your favorites again. It also provides a personalized experience.