App Design
School Project
Apr 2021

Keep track of your vehicles in your phone.

Challenge / Brief

The Swedish Transport Agency has developed an app to facilitate the process for all vehicle owners who need to use the agency's services. In the app, you should be able to get information about your vehicles, search for information about other vehicles, report a change of ownership, registrate your vehicle and see information about your congestion tax balance.

Although it sounds good, the outcome is not as positive. Not everyone appreciates the app's layout and design. With an average rating of 1.5 out of 5 on the App Store and several hundred negative comments, it's safe to say that the app's functionality and user-friendliness aren't exactly what could be desired.


During my time at UX/UI-design at Brobygrafiska, we had as an exercise task to carry out a speed design of the app, i.e. in a very short time do a redesign and come up with improvements. I devoted 6h to conducting research, identifying the biggest problems, sketching solutions and developing a simple prototype of the app.

With a new tab menu, it will be easier to navigate the app and get an overview of the available functions. Reminders and notices about when your vehicle is due for inspection mean that you never miss an inspection appointment again.
The connection to the social security number makes it possible to automatically retrieve vehicles that are registered to you. Logging in via BankID provides greater security and also simplifies the process in the event of a change of ownership.