Web Design
School Project
Sep 2022

Gasverket stands in local election.

Challenge / Brief

The old gas plant "Gasverket" in Stockholm is being restored to become a new attractive area. The task was to create an initial communication campaign for entrepreneurs and public actors.


The premises are an important choice for entrepreneurs. But few know of Gasverket as an area to move their business to. If a contractor does not know that you can choose Gasverket as an alternative, how should you be able to choose it?


Gasverket stands in local election "Lokalvalet". A fun and creative way to present the available premises, where we allude to a context most people already know and understand - elections. It will be a communicative approach where we work with election communication, in exactly the same way as in a real election. But here are the venues you choose between instead of parliamentary candidates. Through Lokalvalet as a communication concept, we can put Gasverket on the map again.